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27-07-2014 03:35
Push Login for Administrative Access to this Demo

27-07-2014 03:31
Welcome to the Demo of a Default PHP-Fusion Installation

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· Newest Member: Demo


Welcome to the Demo of a Default PHP-Fusion Installation - This Demo will automatically reset every one hour.

During this reset you might need to wait a few seconds before the Demo starts to work as expected again.

Login: Demo | Password: Demo1234 | Admin Password: Demo12345678

Basic Information

What is a Content Management System (CMS)?

Our content management system is a web based software that allows you to create and manage complex websites easily by storing your data in a database, the data is represented to your web site's visitors with the help of our engine.
In this demo, all the content is stored in a database.
The design and surroundings are created by a Theme.
PHP-Fusion combines the stored data with the Theme and its Infusions to create a web page.

To Login

To login to this demo, simply push the Login button on the right side panel, the User name and Password are already inserted for you.
Once logged in you will be able to create and edit all content on this site, you can even modify all settings.
Administrative Password : Demo12345678, You will need the Administrative password to add certain content within the Administration.

To create a News item

Once you have logged in you can see a link on the right side panel "Admin Panel", To create a new News item click on the Admin Panel link.
Once you have done that you will enter the Administration. Select News to start create front-side content.
The Administration interface gives you a lot of options, it can feel a bit overwhelming at start.
Do not worry, like everything else you will get used to it and you will learn to focus on the items you use most often for your tasks.
You can edit an existing News item by clicking on the edit button, either directly from the News item or from the News Administration.
This quick edit functionality also goes for Forum posts, Comments, Articles etc, Naturally only for those users whom have access to do so.

Site settings and Infusions

You can change the site name,introduction,theme from the Administration -> Settings -> Main.

Design and Layout

The sites design and surroundings are created by a Theme.
You can change the site Theme from the Administration -> Settings -> Main -> Site theme
Please note that we do not include all Themes available for PHP-Fusion here.
Please visit our Main site's Theme Database for more examples.

Translations and available languages

The sites Language are controlled by our locale files.
You can change the site language from the Administration -> Settings -> Main -> Site locale. Note that we do not include more locales than English in this demo.
Please visit our Main site's Language Packs for valid translations.


Naturally, there is much more to learn about PHP-Fusion.
You can learn more from our Documentation.

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PHP-Fusion Features at a Gl...
PHP-Fusion Demo
14 0 Demo
27-07-2014 21:53
[Poll] This is how a forum poll works
PHP-Fusion Demo
4 0 Demo
27-07-2014 02:45

Welcome to the PHP-Fusion Default Demo


Some of PHP-Fusions features at a Glance

· Private Messaging
· Forum Management
· Infusions/Addons
· User Preferences
· Admin Management
· User Management
· Data Management
· Photo Galleries
· Output Handling
· User Management
· Customizations
· Flood Control
· IPv6 Support
· Custom Pages
· FaQ System
· Forum Polls
· Vote Polls
· Downloads
· Web Links
· Security
· Articles
· Theming
· News

And much more...

Easily Customizable

PHP-Fusion allows you to create custom solutions to most core features without any modifications made to the core system. This grants you an easy upgrade procedure and total control over your sites functionality with a prevention of patch neglectance as a bonus.

Make Dynamic Content

You are in full control of what you include and how you design your website. It does not matter if you need to start a website with a selected set of Addons and a mobile responsive framework or if you want a blank new website.


Our BBCode system is modular and flexible. You can extended it to your preferences with our BBCode API.

User Fields

Our User Fields are flexible with a modular base. You can extended it to your preferences with our User Fields SDK.

Fast & Lightweight

PHP-Fusion has always had a major focus to be optimized on a core level. We aim to keep PHP-Fusion fast & lightweight. The amount of features we include in a standard installation of PHP-Fusion 7 vs it's size makes it one of the most lightweight Content Management Systems in the world.

Portable & Multisite

With our multisite functions you can easily have gathered landing pages, campaigns, markets, blogs, customer service portals and your main website.

Easy Publishing

You can start publishing content fast and easy with PHP-Fusions News and Articles system from the very minute you have completed the installation.

Top Notch Community Support

PHP-Fusion is world famous for it's friendly and helpful community.

Security & Updates

PHP-Fusion has a construction that highlight's security.
Each post and input is filtered.
Continuous community awareness grants you fast access to any security patches that may be necessary.


PHP-Fusion 7 has been translated to multiple Languages.
We can provide you with a CMS that has International Time & Date settings and a wide range of languages to chose from.

Easy to Modify

Few other platforms can be compared to PHP-Fusion when it comes to creating stable sites with the simplicity of PHP-Fusions functional and procedural logic.
Even inexperienced developers will find it lucrative when they are able to take any Theme template and understand it's logic.
You can create a custom PHP-Fusion project in just a few hours with no experience at all. PHP-Fusions vast modification capabilities will suit creative minds beyond your imagination.
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